Anastasia’s White Label Program

Anastasia provides a turnkey solution for building and maintaining a professional dating website. Anastasia’s White Label Program presents a unique opportunity to start your own Dating Business. Create your own web site, using Anastasia’s templates and ladies galleries.

Among the advantages of Anastasia’s White Label program are:

  1. Flexibility and simplicity of creating a personal professional website.
  2. A wide range of templates that give you the freedom to realize your ideas.
  3. Multiple ladies galleries allow you to target your site to a particular audience using Anastasia’s search system.
  4. The possibility to add and update unique content (welcome texts, news, etc.) to your site.
  5. A user-friendly interface which allows Partners to compose and maintain custom sites, plus pick and choose to create ladies galleries, banners and art.
  6. Free hosting with Anastasia.

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